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This page presents all my research publications, Edible Gardens project reports and resources for anyone to view, download and use. All the research publications have been purposefully published open-access so they are not restricted to only scientists.

Free to use – please cite accordingly.

Open-Access Data

A copy of the raw (and partially analysed) data from the Edible Gardens project is available for anyone to view, download and use from the UniSA Research Data Access Portal. Link:

Published Scientific Articles

“Productivity, resource efficiency and financial savings: An investigation of the current capabilities and potential of South Australian home food gardens”
Csortan, G; Ward, J & Roetman, P. PLOSONE 2020, 15 (4), e0230232. Link:

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“Beyond productivity: Considering the health, social value and happiness of home and community food gardens” Pollard, G; Roetman, P; Ward, J; Chiera, B & Mantzioris, E. Urban Science 2018, 2 (4), 97. Link:

Graphical Abstract:
Graphical Abstract

“Water use efficiency in urban food gardens: Insights from a systematic review and case study” Pollard, G; Ward, J & Roetman, P. Horticulturae 2018, 4 (3), 27. Link:

Graphical Abstract:
Graphical abstract

“Typically diverse: The nature of urban agriculture in South Australia”
Pollard, G; Ward, J & Roetman, P. Sustainability 2018, 10. 10.3390/su10040945.
Link: post.

“The case for citizen science in urban agriculture research”
Pollard, G.; Roetman, P. & Ward, J. Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and Society 2017, 5, 9-20. Link:

“Aquaponics in urban agriculture: Social acceptance and urban food planning”
Pollard, G.; Ward, J.D.; Koth, B. Horticulturae 2017, 3, 39.
Link:, blog post.

Public Reports

  1. A Water Use Efficiency Manual for Urban Food Gardeners (PDF)
  2. An Overview of the Edible Gardens Project Structure (PDF)
  3. An example of one of the Edible Gardens gardener’s Final Report (PDF)

Our 3 WUE Equations

Overview of the Edible Gardens Project Structure - image

Example of EG Final Report - Garden 16. - image #2