Compost workshops!

I’ve always been captivated by gardens, their small jungles of flowers, insects, unfurling greens and rich soils. For me, composting is a great way to recycle my food waste, learn more about how things break down, and get my hands dirty making something special for my garden.

I run hands-on composting workshops for groups of people all around Adelaide.

*Please note: From May 1st 2020 I will be taking a year off running workshops to focus on becoming a mum instead 🙂 Please check back in next year*

Past workshops I’ve done include:

What different workshops do I offer?

Both short & medium workshops

3. Long workshop

Feedback & Recommendations

I always get people hanging back after a workshop to chat and tell me how much they enjoyed either newly learning about composting, or how it helped them to get a better handle on their current approach to composting.

But the City of Marion went one further and collected actual feedback from the people at their Common Thread session. Here are some of the comments:

“We loved Georgia’s simple enthusiasm for composting.”
“Informative, detailed, practical and a great demonstrator.”
“Very practical – very enjoyable presentation.”
“I liked all of the examples Georgia brought and the demonstration making.”
“I liked the presenter’s style, the practical aspects and the troubleshooting tips.”

“I’m going to change the way I do things.”
“I’m going to build better compost – more layers.”
“I’m going to buy a compost bin and start composting.”
“I’m going to keep composting and not give up as it will get there eventually.”

Interested in having a composting workshop? Use the contact form below to get in touch!

Free to use: Compost Resources

1. Simple Compost Cheat Sheet (PDF)        2. Compost colouring in page for kids (PDF)

Compost cheat sheet PIC     Compost colouring in PIC


Some past workshop photos 🙂

Happy composting!
– Georgia the Urban Ag. Scientist

Registered ABN: 45 767 528 752

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