External Sources of Communication Inspiration

Here are some of my favourite online places to read up on and search for inspiration, guidance and practical advice on communicating effectively.

TED Talks Links:

A playlist of talks to watch before public speaking

A playlist of the most popular science talks

Great Communication Blogs and Websites:

The Thesis Whisperer – an incredible blog created and edited by Associate Professor Inger Mewburn, the Director of Research Training at the Australian National University. If you haven’t yet come across her blog then you are in for a HUGE treat.

The Brain Scoop starring Emily Graslie, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of the Field Museum of Chicago, USA.

Randy Olson is a Marine Biologist turned Filmmaker. His book, “Don’t be such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style” is an eye-opening read.

The Australian Science Communicators (ASC) acts as a national forum for science communicators and science journalists. Their home page makes mention of a variety of events, articles, and linked institutions.

Read through their home page at – http://www.asc.asn.au/about/

Fresh Science, a competition and collection of science discovery stories from early-researchers in Australia. This competition is run by Science in Public, a great science communication company.

And don’t forget RiAus – Australia’s national science channel. They are a not-for-profit and produce cool broadcasts, publications, events and even teacher support programs to get all Australians more interested in science.

And coming soon in 2018 (I’m so excited!) is Science Creativity and Education (Sci.C.Ed) Studio. It will be an interactive public science and creativity space with both permanent and seasonal exhibits.

Piled High and Deeper (PhD Comics) by Jorge Cham not only provide a hysterically realistic insight into university life, the dedicated YouTube channel presents videos explaining all kinds scientific research in a way that’s clear, understandable and fascinating.